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Suzan’s Fieldnotes explores the craft of leadership with a focus on the people bits and organizational dynamics. I’m interested in the intangible, sometimes messy parts of leadership so you’ll hear a lot about topics like emotion management, organizational friction and the like. I read social science research for fun so studies will be featured here and there.

This newsletter is written by me, Suzan Bond. I’m a former COO of a scaling startup. I’m a certified leadership coach with over a decade of experience. I host the LeadDev Bookmarked book club and guest contributor for the Work Life section of Fast Company. I’m the creator of the Leadership Archetypes framework.

I’ve been studying leadership, psychology and organizational behavior for many years. I love connecting with others who are interested in these topics.

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Suzan Bond

Leadership consultant Executive Coach, former COO Travis CI, and creator of Leadership Archetypes. Fast Company contributor and host of TheLeadDev LeadDevBookmarked. My superpower is asking questions.