Sitemap - 2022 - Suzan's Fieldnotes

Highlights of 2022

Let's Be More Precise With Our Language

Artifacts of Leadership

The Director Sandwich

The Leader Series - 2nd Half of 2022

A CEO Pivots From Events to Digital Publishing During the Pandemic

From Startup CEO to Investor

"I'm not getting enough feedback"

The Secret Stabilizing Force on Your Team

Leading Through Change

The Dynamic Nature of Teams

A Blind CEO on a Mission to Help Companies Prioritize Disability Inclusion

When Leaders Lack Confidence

Starting a Family and a Company at the Same Time

A First-Time CEO Navigates a Downturn

The Experience of Being a CEO

Leading a Startup While Navigating Personal Strife

New Leaders: This is Your First Deliverable

Being the First People Leader at the Company

Building Trust as a First-Time VP at a New Company

Being an Under-represented Voice in the CTO Chair

How a Leader Made the Interview Process More Collaborative

From VP of People to COO

Being a Startup CEO as a Non-Founder

The Leader Interview Series...So Far

Taking a Brief Pause

Overcoming Leader Burnout

Leading While Managing a Chronic Health Condition

Org Smells: Part II

Leading a Team of Internal and Open Source Software Engineers

Leading a Company Through Acquisition

Being an Accidental Startup CEO

Being a First Time CEO at a Startup in a Highly Regulated Industry

Leading Engineers at a Remote-First Scaling Startup

An Incomplete List of Org Smells


Finding Balance in the Midst of Constant Change

Changing The Way We See Leadership

What it Means to be a Leader

Riding the Roller Coaster as an Early Stage Startup Founder

Helping Tech Companies Look Like the World

Creating a New Program at a High Profile Scaling Startup

The Disorientation New Leaders Face

Being Open and Vulnerable as a CEO

Transforming a 300 year-old Organization in Four Weeks

Being a First Time Exec at an Early Stage Startup

Moving the Team Forward

Pivoting During a Pandemic

Leading a FinTech Startup Pre-Launch

A Collection of Thoughts on Leadership