Sitemap - 2023 - Suzan's Fieldnotes

The Top Topics of 2023

From Software Engineer to Startup CEO to Successful Exit

Incompetent leaders

From Fintech COO to CEO

Navigating Common Growth Problems

"How are Your Relationships With Your Peers?"

Breaking Through the Bamboo Ceiling as an Asian Female Leader

Imagining the future of leadership

Being the First Product Leader at a Startup

Everything ends

Leave Your Ego at the Door

EP 26: Etsy's Jenn Clevenger on Navigating Leadership Through Covid and a House Burning Down

Scaling Decision-Making at a Fintech Startup

An Organic Path to COO

Building and Leading Teams Without Having Functional Expertise

Leading Product From Revenue Decline to Successful Exit

Leading Global Initiatives Using a Data-Informed Approach

Being CTO While Navigating a Disability

A Quick Transition from Program Director to Startup CEO

From Startup Founder to Large Media Company VP of Engineering

The Change Edition

The Tragedy of Us Vs. Them

Scaling Decision Making

How do I Know if I Need to Delegate More?

Leading Through Complexity

Airline state of mind

The Room Where it Happens

Misconceptions About Influence

Taking Responsibility Without Sliding Into Shame

Leading Through Multiple Reorgs

Helping Yourself and Others Through Burnout

Navigating the Director Sandwich

Being a Tech Lead With a Chronic Medical Condition

Introducing Constellary

Creating a Culture Where All Voices are Included

Navigating Culture in a Scaling Startup

Introducing Leaders Unscripted

Leading Through the Neutral Zone

Traversing the Neutral Zone

Idealizing leadership

The Weight of Leadership

From EM to Founder and VP of Engineering

Taking Parental Leave as a CEO

Navigating Leadership During a Global Pandemic and a House Burning Down

Being an Interim Leader During Times of Change

From Founder & CEO to Engineering Director at HashiCorp

Leading an Engineering Team Without Having Been an Engineer

Nine Meditations on Group Norms

A Leader Overcomes Burnout By Taking a Career Pivot

Finding Balance With the Weight of Being a Product Leader